Friday, April 19, 2013

SSIS : why executesql is faster than oledb Command ?

Question: why executesql is faster than oledb command?


 Because OleDB command performs operation (like Insert, update delete) for each row, so when there is huge number of records then it takes long time to perform the operations.
While Execute sql task performs operations like insert, update and delete in batch, so it takes lesser time to perform any operations.
In general OleDb command is used with SCD (Slowly Changing Dimension), as SCD is designed in the way that it performs insert operation for the new rows, and does update operation through OLEDb Command transformation. So this combination takes long time.

For alternative of the combination SCD (Slowly Changing Dimension) and OleDb command, please look into the below link.

Alternative for SCD and OleDB command combination

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