Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SSIS : Quick view on Flat File Connection

Quick view on Flat File Connection

Go to the Connection Manager, and select Flat File Connection. Then follow the steps as mentioned below:
  • Provide File path in file name.
  • Select format ‘delimited’, if the rows in the file are delimited by comma, space, tab etc.Fixed width:  if the Columns have a fixed width.Ragged right: Ragged right files are files in which every column has a fixed width, except for the last column. It is delimited by the row delimiter. 
  • Delimiter is nothing but separator character, which separated, rows, columns.
  • Select the Header row delimiter from the drop-down  say if the header in my file is delimited by comma, then select comma.
  • In Columns tab, Column and row delimiter can also be set. Here row delimiter is set to CR [LF], which is ‘enter’ and column delimiter is comma.
  • In Advanced tab, we can see the data type length etc assigned to the column, also we can change the data type and length of the column to prevent truncation of data or excess column width.
  • By default data type is string and minimum length 50.
  •  By clicking on ‘Suggest Column Types, it will assign column width to the columns, which will be maximum length of the text in that column, Also we can change the data type here only as per the destination column requirement. It will reduce overhead of Data conversion thing, if we do it here only.

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