Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SSIS: File Connection

File Connection

File connection is used to make connection to any type of file, be it excel, flat, image, any type. Even we can use it to make connection to a folder instead of file. If the file or folder doesn’t exist then new folder or file can also be created.

File can also be created dynamically by providing expression in the properties of file connection manager.

Use in real time scenario:
Sometime it happens, we need to run our package on a scheduled basis say daily. Also, we need to save the result of the package in some folder to do analysis on the results generated.

The solution is to create the file dynamically, that is the file name will be generated on the basis of some system or user variable. It will be different each day, if we also use date in the file name. This can be done by setting the expression in file connection properties as shown below.

For creating the connection, go to the Connection Manager and select File Connection.

Go to the properties of File Connection Manager, and then go to expression. It will open a Property Expression Editor, where we can set property like connection string etc.

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