Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SSIS: New Connection from Data source

New Connection from Data source

For making connection to Data source, we need to create one data source.

Data source is nothing but a connection reference that is created outside a package. It can be created in the same manner as we did for OleDb connection.

The advantage of using data source connection is that it can be shared between many packages in a project. Therefore the synchronization becomes easier.

For example, if we have to change the server name, then we don't need to change it in all the connection in the packages that reference the same data source, instead we just need to change the server name in the data source, and it will reflect in all other connections in packages, which reference to the same data source.

 For this, go to the solution explorer and right click on Data source and select New Data Source. It will pop up a wizard.

In the Data Source Wizard, Click on new, and you will get the same window, which was used during OleDb connection.

After creating the Data Source, Go to the connection manager and select ‘New Connection from data source’, which will pop up one window as below with available data sources. You just need to select the data source, and your connection is created.

Now if we change the database or server name or any other property in Data Source, then it will also reflect in all the connection referencing the same data source. J

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