Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sql Server: Tables which are not dependent , or which do not reference other table’s

Find the tables which are not dependent on any other table, or which do not reference other table’s column for more information.

---create a table which will store all the tables name and id in a database, which do not depend on other table , or which doesn'd refernece to other tables

CREATE TABLE NotParent(Object_id1 INT,name NVARCHAR(50))

--use sys.foreign_keys table which contains all the relation between the tables through foreign_key constraints. Here parent_object_id are the tabels’object_id, which refernce to other table for more information.

--use sp_MSForeachtable, which is a Stored procedure performs operation on each table of the database. This will compare each table’s object_id, with the parent_object_id in sys.foreign_key table, and will fetch those object_id which are not parent , that means, which doesn't reference to any other table

EXEC sp_MSforeachtable
@command1='INSERT INTO NotParent
           SELECT OBJECT_ID(''?''),''?''
           WHERE ''?'' NOT IN (
                   SELECT DISTINCT ''?'' as table_name                                              
                   FROM sys.foreign_keys WHERE parent_object_id=OBJECT_ID(''?'')


The Result of NotParent table can be used for various purposes for e.g; deleteion of  the contents or these table first ,as these tables will not throw any error, because these doesn’t reference to other tables. 

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